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Ordering online store MAGAZYNUJ.COM and select the payment method is a prerequisite for delivery. Shipping and transport take place only on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Orders received before 14.00 are executed on the same day, provided that the merchandise is in stock. Otherwise, the term of the contract may be extended.The condition of the given deadline is:

- For contracts with the selected payment method "cash on delivery" - without additional conditions

- For the procurement of the form of payment by bank transfer - transfer amount must be credited to the company account MAGAZYNUJ.COM.

Standard shipping cost is 15 zł. However, with very heavy packs can be increased. For orders of the form of payment "delivery" surcharge is added up to 10 zł.

The courier service delivers mail Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00. For this reason, we suggest customers to the delivery address assigned to a place where there will always be a person authorized to receive the shipment. We can not accurately determine the time of delivery, because the courier, delivering the ordered goods, specify the date of delivery. We provide waybill number, so that the local branch can seek more information and to arrange a courier for a specific time.

Please check the shipping status at the time of delivery, the courier company employee.In case the packing of the goods has significant damage, signs of tampering, etc. should refuse to receive the goods and promptly inform the shop.These operations shall be governed by the legal provisions in the Act of 15 November 1984 - Transport Law / Acts. Laws of 1995, No. 119, item. 575 with later. d. /.

If the package is in good condition, you must sign for the package and, together with an employee of the courier company to check the contents. Then the recipient of the ordered goods can determine whether the product has no mechanical damage and whether it is consistent with the invoice. Goods ordered by the Customer is our proven and sent without damage and defects.

In the case of objections to the condition of the goods to be written down with the courier protocol injury / damage, which form a representative of the courier company. The protocol must be legibly signed by the courier. It is important to be written carefully and legibly, in a way that clearly describes how damage to the shipment by the courier company. The possession of the protocol does not guarantee that a complaint, so it's important to properly describe the state of the package.The protocol should be noted that the outer packaging is damaged and describe the smallest damage, scratches or dents. Select the protocol that the outer packaging was not damaged, excludes the positive settlement of a complaint to the courier company.

If you notice damage to the goods after the courier will leave now, please contact the courier company and ask for a courier to arrive in order to transcribe the minutes. This is in accordance with the law of transport and courier can not refuse. All mechanical products and deficiencies identified in the shipment after receipt and departure courier will be considered as arising after delivery of the consignment.

Claims for errors in shipping, defects or damage to the shipment may be made within 5 business days from the date of its receipt. Decisive is the deadline for the receipt of the damage. Store is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by the shipping courier. Without a damage protocol will not be able to make a complaint.

Any problems and situations of concern should be reported to operate the store. When you fill protocol, send it promptly to the store.