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We welcome you warmly in combination products store. In the left column you can find all categories of products that we offer. They are divided into several groups:

1) Products that increase safety in the warehouse

2) Products related to storage in stock

  • Bar pallets - palette bar under BigBags bags and modeled the store shelves - manage storage area, make the most of the surface of the magazine, rack mount when you want, depending on the quantity and type of goods to store
  • Drip baths - containers allow easy and secure way to store and dispose of any hazardous or non-organic liquid from the warehouse.
  • Supports the barrel - storage drums easily, both as a free-standing and storage racks
  • Mesh containers - solid products with great capacity to store the elements of light, half heavy in the waste
  • Mesh shelves - light levels of support for racks that meet the hygiene standards necessary for storage of fire sprinkler system, complying with APSAD
  • Plastic pallets - large containers made ​​from durable material HDPE, which has been approved for contact with food. Due to the design have a variety of uses.
  • Plastic containers – lightweight containers, resistant to extreme weather conditions, mechanical damage and shock. Needed in the food industry, useful in the textile industry, cooling chambers. Fit for transport trolley.
  • Bags BIG BAG - bags of disposable and reusable, suitable for the transport of food and bulk products. Different design Filling and Discharge.
  • Pallet truck - hand pallet trucks to a wide variety of pallets.

3) Metal furniture - made with the greatest care furniture for storing clothes, keys and assortment workshop. Equipped with all sorts of security and locks.

4) Products used in the daily work in the warehouse and on site